Pakistan's First Anime Inspired Film Will Wow All Anime Lovers

For those who do not know already, Studio Ghibli has inspired many artists around the world since 1980s and what they are famously known for is that they design breathtaking hand-drawn animations. These hand-drawn animations add warmth to the characters.
Now, influenced by Studio Ghibli’s work, a group of Pakistani animators are working on an animated film inspired by Japenese anime.
“Pakistan really has no hand-drawn animation industry. With this film and studio, we hope to lay the foundation and support a new generation of artists,” Usman has said previously.
The venture will be produced under the banner of his brainchild business, Mano Animation Studio.

The film is about a young girl and boy who discover that “life is beautiful but fragile, like glass.

The Glassworker is set in a fictitious location called Waterfront Town. It follows two children from different backgrounds: Vincent, the child of a glass blower who helps his father in their glass shop and Alliz, a prodigious violinist trying to find her voice on the instrument. The film aims to shed light on growing up during a war all and all of the characters speak Urdu throughout.
The film is gaining attention all over the world, and trust us when we say that this sweet film will be worth a watch.

Watch the prelude below 

The Glassmaker was intended to be a short film at first but the director, Usman Riaz, felt that the short film should be extended into a full movie.
Mano Animation Studio raised nearly $120,000 in 2016 and is set to debut in 2020.