Pakistani Morning Show Invites Criticism Over Racist Makeup Challenge

Bridal makeup competitions are a regularly featured on morning shows, but this time the show took it too far. 

The Morning show Jago Pakistan Jago has invited criticism over featuring girls with makeup only this time, their faces were darkened. The participants were told by host Sanam Jung and mentors Amber and Farida that they were being presented with a difficult task as they advance in the competition.

What was the task you ask? Turning dark-skinned models into beautiful brides.

Pakistani’s fascination with white skin in general is no secret. From fairness products to shaming people with slightly dark skin is something that we have internalized and do not seem to see any thing wrong with the idea.
The host and the producers of the shows should have known better than to perpetuate such ideas in our society and further the process of normalization of the idea that dark skinned people are not pretty or good looking.

The Pakistani’s online were rightfully aggravated and spoke up about the issue

To sum it up, the producers of Jago Pakistan Jago owe everyone an apology for being extremely ignorant and negligent in airing a show that was so poorly thought out.
While a lot of people have also raised questions for PEMRA, which actively criticizes educational dramas such as Udari, yet fails to restrain morning shows with unauthentic and problematic programs.

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