As Pakistanis, there is no chant that feels more fulfilling than screaming Pakistan Zindabad! i.e. long live Pakistan. Nowadays, there are very few occasions where we have the opportunity to come together and chant for the well-being of our beloved country.
To re-create the magic that is Pakistan Zindabad, CALL and 40 of the most talented drummers(specially labelled The Drummers of Pakistan) and percussionists from across the country have come together for the first time in our history, renewing the spirit of this CHANT. This is a movement, to remind people that every small accomplishment of theirs for this country should be celebrated with the same fervor and pride that we once took in chanting Pakistan Zindabad!
What is even more compelling, is that all the musicians taking part in this movement, have done it for their love of the country and have not charged any fees. Additionally, any proceeds that we might earn from any online monetization shall go towards supporting the drummer’s fraternity by donating as many drum-kits to music academy’s across the country.