Models Make Fun of Zara Noor Abbas's Walk at Fashion Week And Here's What Has Happened Since…

Zara Noor Abbas is a Pakistani actress who walked at the FPWSS 2018 for designer FnkAsia and her walk being a little unique,was  immediately subjected to mockery by a few famous Pakistani models.

The actress then took to Instagram after finding a video of a few Pakistani models mocking her walk and added a long and powerful statement along with it
The post obviously drew a lot of attention and support from many celebrities, including Ayesha Omar who said: “your statement couldn’t have been better worded. I saw something in some article and came to your Instagram account to read the whole thing. You hit the nail on the spot. You’re an entertainer, an actor, but most importantly, you aren’t afraid to let down your inhibitions and step out of your comfort zone. That takes a lot. So proud of you.”
However, one of the models, Areeba Habiib, who was a part of the video mocking Zara, which went viral has taken the step and apologized.
She apologized directly to Zara and took full responsibility for uploading the video of girls ‘having their own fun in their own time and space’ and admitted that it should not have been done ‘at someone’s expense, especially publically’.

Here’s the full post:


Zara also responded to the post: