Meet The FANTA'S First Ever Teen Marketing Officer

Fanta’s search to find its first ever TMO (Teen Marketing Officer) comes to an end. Polls have closed and we have a winner. The final showdown between Maria Unera and Hina Altaf was nail-bitingly close. Now chief Fanta Fun Officer Zaid Ali T is here to announce the results. After a day of live voting, here’s who you chose as TMO:
And the winner is…Hina Altaf. 
It was a tough competition but the winsome Hina Altaf finally won over equally bright Maria Unera. This truly unique campaign by Fanta put these teens in the spotlight and got everyone involved.
Lets take a look at the winding road that brought us here. The competition began in August when teens “took over the world” with comedian Zaid Ali T announcing an election between up and coming Hina and Maria. Both contestants ran their campaign with catchy slogans. Hina’s slogan ‘Together for Fun’ showed us her bubbly side. Maria who is adventurous and spontaneous had an equally fitting slogan: ‘Fun is where the Action is!’
They went head to head in a hilarious debate where both displayed their energetic personalities.
Then we voted!
Both candidates had their fans and supporters. #TeamHina and #TeamMaria debated their cases as passionately as the teens themselves.
Now that the election is over , we are all super excited about the first ever TMO Hina Altaf who promises to make fun more ‘funtastic’!