McDonald’s ‘Tumse Na Ho Payega’ Message Mystery Unveiled

A few days back, social media started buzzing as McDonald’s Pakistan sent a message saying “Tum Se Na Hopaye Ga” and everyone started wondering what is this about?

Soon after that, we saw everyone’s favorite Tabish Hashmi at one of McDonald’s restaurants inquiring in his very natural, fun, and teasing way that why did he receive such a message?

Just like Tabish, everyone too felt a bit challenged and what added spice to that (pun intended) was another message which stated “Hum kah rahay hain soch lo, Tum Se Waqi Nahi Hopaye Ga”.




And today finally, we found out kay aisa kya hai jo hum se na hopaye ga! And it is McDonald’s new Hot N’ Crispy Burger which just might be too spicy to handle. We aren’t sure about you, but after being teased for two days in a row, we do feel a bit curious about the spice level of this burger.

Only one way to find out!