Mashal Khan Murder Case: Justice is to be Served And Here's What The Internet Has to Say About It


Pakistani court has finally given its verdict and sentenced one man to death and handed life terms to five others for murdering a student who was falsely accused of blasphemy.

Twenty-five others were convicted of lesser offences in the case and 26 people were acquitted.
Last year, Mashal Khan was dragged out of his university accommodation in north-west Pakistan in April 2017 by a crowd of hundreds of his fellow students. He was badly beaten before being shot and his body mutilated.
The trial took place inside Haripur Central Jail for safety reasons. Security was tight for the verdict, with hundreds of police deployed and roads closed around the prison.

Here’s what the Twitter world has to say on the matter

However, many are not satisfied with the court’s verdict and believe that all those involved in the crime should be punished equally and given a death penalty, in order to make an example out those who did wrong to Mashal Khan (an innocent student), aslo to avoid such incidents in the future.

An appeal has also been lodged in order to plead to the court to reconsider it’s verdict 

Mashal Khan’s murder has yet again brought to light the issue of using the law of blasphemy for personal benefits such as grudges, rivalries and because no one can question the law without being a target of it themselves. This is exactly why this case is important in order to encourage the courts and government to take notice and carry out extensive investigation before labeling someone an outcast and taking their life.
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