Locations of over 2 million properties added to Zameen.com’s Plot Finder

Pakistan’s leading real estate portal Zameen.com has included locations of over two million properties in the database of Plot Finder, a digital mapping tool designed to simplify property search and navigation. Data is the most coveted commodity in today’s world of technological innovation. Whoever possesses the most information stands to be in a place of global power. However, Pakistan has a long journey ahead to be anywhere near an impressive global ranking when it comes to data.

It’s been a year since Zameen.com introduced Plot Finder to facilitate the right use of technology in the local property sector. The existing database of this extraordinary utility now features the locations of over two million properties.

Commenting on this historic achievement, Zameen.com Chief Executive Officer (CEO) Zeeshan Ali Khan said that Plot Finder was launched a year ago and the success it has seen till now is a testament to the hard work and dedication of the extraordinary workforce at Zameen.com. “Since day one, Zameen.com is working to revolutionize property market and as pioneers of proptech in Pakistan we are extremely proud of our accomplishments with regard to,” he further stated.

Zameen.com’s Associate Director Geomatics Engineering, Production and Animation Ali Haroon said that Plot Finder has been designed to assist users in the navigation of over 1,500 projects, 5,000 housing societies, 50,000 public places, 150,000 commercial properties and 2,000,000 residential properties and that the makers of this amazing utility are adding more properties to its already impressive database on a daily basis.

“The plan is to map out each house, plot, apartment, shop and other types of lands and place the myriad of information in the palm of the users. As of now, Plot Finder has expanded to 43 cities. Moreover, it covers over 80% of all real estate projects inKarachi, Lahore and Islamabad.

“According to well-informed sources, Plot Finder has become the preferred choice of food delivery and ride-hailing services when it comes to accurate navigation. It is relieving to hear that the utility is facilitating the general public and we hope to map all properties in Pakistan as per the latest digitalization trends,” he further stated.