K2 Airways Becomes Latest Entrant in the Pakistani Aviation Market

K2 Airways, is an upcoming Karachi-based airline which is set to serve passengers all across Pakistan.

The destinations will initially include Chitral, Skardu, and Islamabad. However, K2 plans on flying across the borders to international destinations too soon.

Chief Executive Officer at K2 Airways Tariq Raja shared,

“We are looking to be as streamlined as possible when it comes to our operations, so we wanted to adopt one all-inclusive solution rather than several. This being said, there will always be the need to integrate with some form of the external system, and ENVISION’s modern architecture makes this simple and painless, allowing our team to focus on other things.”

The airline has signed up to use MRO and Flight Operations Software envision of Rusada for its fleets. Additionally, Rusada will implement the system in time for the maiden flight of K2 Airways.

K2 Airways had secured the aviation license through the Government of Pakistan back in 2019. As soon as the set up  is running the passengers will be able to book the flight through their online portal.