Javed Sheikh And Mahira Khan Controversy. Here's What's Been Happening…

Lux Style Awards 2018 has made a lot of noise on social media, but not entirely for pleasant reasons.
What happened was that, after accepting the award from Mawra Hocane, Mahira makes her way to greet Javed Sheikh. The veteran actor swoops in for a peck on the cheek but Mahira was not comfortable with this. She even moves her face away from the impending kiss.

So this is the kind of talk that took over the internet


Here’s what Mahira Khan said to clear all misconceptions

Javed Sheikh also responded to the matter in a hilarious way 


The selfie was posted by CEO of ARY Digital, Jerjees Seja on his Instagram account as a delightful response to the entire social debacle

“Social media can create anything out of nothing but there are very few people who can laugh at it like you do,” Jerjees Seja captioned.
And here’s how people have been responding to the picture now
We are glad that the actor has brushed off the incident with such grace.

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