Inspired By Her – Sets Stage to Empower Women in Pakistan

They say, times are changing. They talk about women coming out into practical fields and showing what they really are capable of. Women are now, becoming an active part of societies not only around the world but also in Pakistan. Countless organizations are operating globally to aid women empowerment while they target today’s millennial women.
In order to further the cause of women empowerment in Pakistan, Inspired By Her (a non-profit organization) has launched with a mission of igniting the next generation of empowered women leaders and change makers in Pakistan. IBH is coming to your city – Lahore, setting its stage and further aims to work towards directing and helping young girls to seek inspiration from hardworking, successful and now inspiring women in Pakistan as well as those around the world.
The concept of the said initiative was first established, tried and tested in Afghanistan (a collaboration with AIESEC in Afghanistan) and the program turned out to be a success. Now, Inspired By Her is ready to build the capacity of out of school youth in Pakistan, by developing their leadership and entrepreneurship skills, helping them to become economically independent as well as geared towards active service in their community.
The program will therefore, serve to work as an academy that will teach young girls useful and unique skills set which will not only bring about personal and professional development but will enable enrolled girls to apply learnt skills in the practical world and truly empower themselves.
Hence the questions which were previously remained to be addressed and explored: If the world is moving towards empowerment of women, why should we be behind? If not now, when? If not us, who? Inspired By Her is here to answer and take action!
The project is, therefore, a great opportunity for Pakistani girls to learn and grow as individuals and discover their true potential.
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