Imran Khan Ties the Knot for the Third Time And As Usual Twitter Has A lot to Say

Only last night, news of Imran Khan’s third marriage was confirmed through PTI’s official account

Imran Khan has wed Bushra Maneka, a respected Pir (faith healer) in “a simple ceremony” in Lahore on Sunday.
The rumors of Khan’s marriage with Bushra Maneka had been circulating the internet for months, however, the party has confirmed the news in an online post attached below.
Previously, Imran Khan had taken to Twitter to express his thoughts about marrying again, in this thread in January 2018:

People had a plethora of responses then and they have a lot to say now too.

So, it is no surprise that Pakistanis would take to Twitter to express their thoughts when he finally did tie the knot after last night’s big reveal.

Here’s a gist of all that running on Twitter

The Friends reference sure cracked us up

Even Game of Thrones references were drawn 


Supporters still go strong 

Comparisons were made

Yet, in the end, Photoshop always wins