Huawei To Launch Its Own Email Service Called Petal Mail

Even though Huawei’s smartphone business is struggling in the face of continued US sanctions, the company is making constant efforts to provide a well-rounded software experience on its devices. Not only is the company working on Harmony OS, but it has also released a couple of alternatives to Google’s services, like HMS and HMS Core, AppGallery, Petal Search, and Petal Maps over the last two years.

Although these services haven’t really caught on outside of China. Huawei is now launching its own email service, called Petal Mail, to fill the void left by Gmail.

Petal Mail is already in its testing stage so one can make an id that ends with Currently, Petal Mail only has Inbox, Starred, Draft, Sent, Trash, and Spam, which is way lesser than what you may come across at Gmail. But with time and more success, they will surely make the required updates to the service.

Huawei’s Petal Mail service appears to have a very minimal interface at the moment. It also has a few options in the side menu. These include Inbox, Favorites, Draft, Send, Trash, and Spam. The interface is split into two columns; the first column displays all emails in an inbox and the second displays the selected email in an expanded form.

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