Here’s Why You Should Watch Sunsilk’s Baal Baal Bach Gaye

Sunsilk is known to contain the perfect blend of ingredients to cater to all your hair needs and provide you with the beautiful hair you have always desired. This time, the center of attention is Sunsilk’s Long & Healthy Shampoo. Interestingly, Sunsilk has opted for a rather satirical way to send their message across and we are absolutely loving it! If you still haven’t seen it, here’s your chance to click on the link below and have a few laughs:

It is a bold move for brands to take the route of comedy, as it can be quite a challenge. However, Sunsilk has really triumphed by successfully curating a piece that is so relatable yet funny and entertaining. The highlight of the content piece is the characters, who, with their individuality and charisma bring the story to life and keep us glued to our screens!

The episode starts with the curious question of our main girl, Sarah’s friend, inquiring about how she managed to grow her hair so long. Sarah, instantly jumps on the wagon of her very ‘‘Lambiiiiii’ tale of how her once super short hair grew into the hair of her and her ‘Pareshaan Ammi’s’ dreams.

What makes this piece worth watching is one of our favorite characters, the coolest rockstar dadi you will ever see on screen, winning hearts with her swag and dialogues!

Through Pareshaan Ammi and Totka Queen Khala’s ability to relate and circle back everything to Sara’s shaadi , Sunsilkmanaged to highlight our desi society’s obsession with marriage. It is almost like if a girl doesn’t have long and lustrous hair, she won’t ever be able to find a ‘good dulha’ because obviously in our society , a girl’s physical appearance is directly proportional to getting a smart, rich and handsome boy. Not just that, but we’re also massive fans of how they have managed to highlight the pressure women feel in order to feel accepted. Kyunke who konsi cheez hai jo personality ki value barhati hai? Hair of-course. Wait, you thought we were going to talk about personal attributes, didn’t you? Come on.

What we absolutely adored about this entire episode was how Sarah, despite all the pressure, managed to always embrace her individuality and never gave in to the demands of society to ‘look beautiful’. She holds her ground throughout on how she is, was, and will be beautiful because of who she is, regardless of what people have to say.


Sunsilk brings you a great product to make your hair beautuiful, Long and Healthy. Gone are the days where you need to prioritize between your life and your hair needs, now it all goes hand in hand! Sarah’s journey to Longer, luscious hair being able to withstand anything is proof that Sunsilk is actually a solution that can fix all your hair problems.

Head over now to the youtube link for a fun filled piece that will definitely give you some laughter induced flashbacks.