Here’s Why PM Imran Khan’s Recent Statement Enraged The Masses

Prime Minister Imran Khan’s statements always gather eyeballs because of the controversial choice of words. Some time ago, he had made a statement regarding vulgar content on the media and people had reacted quite harshly to it. Today PM Imran Khan is the highlight for making statement that seem to make him a rape apologist.

PM Imran Khan And His Recent Statement

On the interview with HBO, he said that if women wear few clothes, there will be an impact on men. Well, that is understandable because if good looking men wear revealing and fitted clothes, women will also be attracted to them. But then the PM went on and said the problematic statement. When the interviewer asked that does the PM think that the dresses of women lead to sexual violence (aka rape), he replies that it depends on the society. The statement implied that in our society it does.

People were horrified and disappointed at this statement. Bloggers, celebrities, famous people in general made sure to express their emotions in hopes that at least the masses will not form the opinion same as the Prime minister.

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