Google & YouTube Announce Policy Change For Advertisements

There has been a major policy change at Google and YouTube. For the past years, a lot of misinformation has been spread on climate change. Many people consider it a hoax when it is a serious issue that is getting dire day by day. Every day, we hear news related to extreme temperatures in various parts of the world.

According to this new policy, the platform will not support advertisements that are placed next to Climate change misinformation. People can no longer earn money by the promotion of climate change news that hoaxes. It is better to not support a point of view that goes against the facts that we already know.


battling climate change through google ads
Image Source: iberdrola.comMany people are out to protest and call it a hoax, causing political advancements to halt. Now, Google has decided to put an end to it. Advertisements and publishings will no longer be posted with Climate change misinformation. Not only is it causing a setback in the protection of the climate, but it is also spreading quite a lot of fake news. People don’t want to read something that has already been deemed fake.Aside from Google, YouTube also has an extension of this policy. Content creators on YouTube can no longer earn money by promoting false news on climate change. Neither does it help the environment nor does it assist any person. It is only bringing a fake agenda forward. The internet giant has also said that this policy change aligns with their effort to battle climate change.

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