Google Remembers Nazia Hassan on Her 53rd Birthday in the Sweetest Way

Nazia Hassan was a Pakistani pop singer-songwriter, lawyer and social activist. Truly a pop icon and a music sensation, Nazia is being remembered on her 53rd birthday

In honour of her 53rd Birthday google has also made a beautiful ‘Doodle’ in order to commemorate her.

And it has obviously received a positive response from Twitter


And what makes Google’s Doodle all the more beautiful is the description.
“Our Doodle today imagines her performing with her famous flowing hair and dupatta (traditional Pakistani scarf), and the disco balls of the 80s glinting behind her.”
This definitely melt our hearts.
Nazia Hassan managed to achieve a lot of success in her short life and we admire her for the strong impression that she has left behind in the world. She was truly a star by all means.
We hope our legend rests in peace.