Google Has Honored Mirza Ghalib On His 220th Birthday With A Doodle

27th December is the day which marks the 220 years to the birth of Mirza Ghalib and Google has honoured the legendary Urdu poet’s legacy with its own poetic doodle.
The doodle features the poet standing in front of a scenic view with his pen and paper. The overall look of the doodle has a miniaturist feel, which is also a tribute to his contribution to the Mughal empire.
Ghalib was conferred with the several titles such as Dabir-ul-Mulk and Mirza Nosha by Bahadur Shah Zafar II and served as tutor to the Emperor’s eldest son.
Ghalib had started composing poems from the young age of 11. Even though his first language was Urdu, he was fluent in Turkish and Persian and wrote exceptional poetry in all three languages.
Mirza Ghalib had opened his eyes is Agra for the first time and then died in Delhi, India in 1869.
The house in which he passed away has now been turned into a memorial called “Ghalib ki Haveli.”  It permanently houses all of his exhibitions and it was here that Ghalib wrote some of his most noteworthy ghazals and recited them to an audience every night.