Geo TV to Bring Sarmad Khoosat's MANTO to Your Television Screens

Good news for all those people who may have missed Manto playing cinemas, the iconic film is coming to television screens.
Starting from 3rd November, the feature film which has gathered a lot of fame and positive reviews will be seen as a drama on Geo TV every Friday.

The film depicts the life of Urdu short story writer Manto, whose life and work are still discussed and read widely all over the world. The film shows aspects of Manto’s life and brings to life some of his famous tales like Khol Do, Toba Tek Singh, Oopar Neeche aur Darmiyanand Thanda Gosht.

Saadat Hasan Manto was not only an accomplished writer but was also a columnist, playwright for radio and a fine movie script writer to a certain extent.
A little about the story, Manto opens in 1951 Lahore. Manto (Sarmad Khoosat) returns home from a psychiatric hospital to his wife Safia (Sania Saeed) and three girls, and gets back to his business of writing and drinking.
Along with Sarmad Khoosat; Sania Saeed, Saba Qamar and Arjumand Rahim also play the roles of wide, Noorjehan, a dancer, respectively.
Manto – The Film got the promotion and popularity not only in Pakisan but all over the world, Keeping in view the response from The Movie, One can easily sense that how strong this Drama Serial “Manto” will hit to your Tv Screens.