Five Women Anoushay Ashraf Wants You To Follow On Instagram

Anoushey Ashraf had some recommendations for us for some amazing women to follow on Instagram. In a series of Instagram Stories, the actor and RJ shared five accounts of women she believes we should all follow. The list is as follows:

1. Amna Baig

Islamabad ASP Amna Baig, who goes by Amna Aapi on Twitter and Instagram, posts pictures from her life as a police officer in the capital. On Twitter, she actively addresses issues of harassment, gender-based violence and crime.

2. Abiha Haider

Abiha Haider is a football star and a member of the Pakistan Women’s National Football Team. On her Instagram account, she shares pictures and information about her life and her time on the football team.

3. Zaw Ali

Singer-songwriter Zaw Ali, who goes by The Code of Zaw on Instagram, posts clips of her songs and covers on the social media application and blows people away.

4. Sana Mir

Former Pakistan Women’s National Cricket Team captain Sana Mir uses her Instagram account to share snippets from her life as a commentator.

5. Namira Salim

Namira Salim is known for many things — being an astronaut, an artist and a skydiver and she shares information about all her passions on her Instagram.

And last but not least:

Ashraf herself. We can vouch that her account is full of fun anecdotes and much needed reality checks.

We love seeing women supporting and uplifting other women and hope we see more female celebrities sharing the accomplishments of their peers