‘Essentials of Modern/New Marketing’ book by Kotler Impact Inc. (Founded by Prof. Philip Kotler) to incorporate 40 local case studies

Digital Transformation has taken growth to the next level and to drive growth in digitization, marketing needs to be modernized, a specific set of capabilities and embracing new mindsets required.

Marketplace is driven by human behaviors. Today we are living in a digital & modern world yet people’s beliefs and values influence their product and service choices.  Marketing success is  built on strong brands with strong loyalty.  Today’s consumer is much more educated and informed.  Customer loyalty is diminishing.  The digital age has bestowed power to customers rather than sellers. Marketers & professionals must utilize their understanding of customers’ beliefs and values to shape powerful stories about their brands and product offerings.

Naqeebz (Growth Marketing Agency), has joined hands with Kotler Impact Inc. (Strategic Marketing Community, Founded by Prof. Philip Kotler), headquartered in Canada, to develop an ecosystem primarily for bottom of the pyramid so that a better world can be created for the best of present and future generations.

Dynamics of marketing have changed from Principles of Marketing to Modern Marketing. While understanding the need of the time Kotler & Partners along with 50 local contributors are authoring a book of its kind, ‘Essentials of Modern Marketing’, to be officially announced on 6th & 7th November 2020 in 100+ countries during e-World Marketing Summit 2020. Each year this book will be published on May 27. Hence the first edition will be published on May 27, 2021.

Essentials of Modern Marketing is the 21st Century Book about Business, Marketing & Management

Theme of the book will be a combination of storytelling & story-making. However, 40-50 case studies from corporate and non-corporate sectors will be included. The exciting part is that at least one million copies (the combination of online & offline) will be published in each country with an expected viewership of at least ten million organic eyes. The book would also be made available to business/management studies students of top business schools. 

Naqeebz is the exclusive country partner for Kotler Impact Inc. in Pakistan and has formed a Country Advisory Board. The board will help to shortlist and finalize 40 organizations/brands for the incorporation of their case studies in the upcoming book. This will help readers relate to local examples and understand concepts much deeper. 

Prof. Philip Kotler has joined as Board Chair. While 19 leading members who are local & international academicians and marketing leaders will work with Naqeebz & Kotler Impact Inc. to make sure that effective case studies/success stories become a part of this book.

Country Advisory Members include:

1. Prof. Philip Kotler, Father of Modern Marketing and Founder, Kotler Impact Inc & World Marketing Summit
2. Sadia Kibria, Founder of Sociopreneurship & CEO of WMS Group
3. Prof. Marc Oliver Opresnik, Digital Guru, University of Lubeck, Germany
4. Dr. Abdullah Megdad, CEO MegaBiz-Saudia Arabia
5. Denis Rothman, AI consultant to LVMH, Air France & EU
6. Prof. Dominique Hanssens, University of California Los Angeles, USA
7. Laura Ries, Marketing Consultant & Author of “22 Immutable Laws of Branding”
8. Dr. S. Akbar Zaidi, Executive Director, IBA Karachi
9. Amir Iqbal, Chief Commercial Officer, Engro Fertilizers Ltd.
10. Ms. Seema Aziz, Owner, Sefam
11. Asif Aziz, Chief Commercial Officer, JAZZ
12. Fatima Asad-Said, Managing Director, Abacus
13. Dr. Shahzad Khan, CEO CCL Pharmaceuticals
14. Saadia Abbasi, Country Manager-Hydro at GE Renewable Energy (Former Marketing Director, Coca-Cola)
15. Fahad Ashraf, GM Pakistan & Afghanistan, Coca Cola
16. Muhammad Azfar Ahsan, Founder, Nutshell Conferences & Corporate Pakistan Group
17.  Zeshan Hanif Qureshi, Group Chief Marketing Officer, QMobile
18. Dr. Farrah Arif, Founder & CEO EDTech Worx
19. M. Ammar Hassan, Chief Marketing Officer, DARAZ

Top companies of Pakistan from different sectors will be invited to submit their expression of interest. And once their submission is done, data will be shared with the respective board members. The board members will shortlist the top 30 organizations/brands. Once the shortlisting process is done, companies will be updated about their selection and they will be liaised with the professor of Management/Marketing nominated by the top business schools of Pakistan. Professors will write case studies independently once companies provide data to them. 

CEO Naqeebz, Muhammad Moazam Shahbaz said that we have created the Country Advisory Board for “Essentials of Modern/New Marketing” book to allow leaders to collectively orchestrate the best for society rather than only a project.

Naqeebz, Kotler Impact Inc. and the entire team is looking forward to working with the board members, corporates/brands, and professors/scholars to engineer this exemplary book which will prove to be a turning point in the 21st century. This initiative will not only eliminate the gap between academia and corporate, but will also give local perspectives to students, entrepreneurs & marketing professionals.