Energy Drink Brands Land in Trouble as PFA Crackdown Begins

Punjab Food Authority (PFA) has started a province-wide crackdown on the sale of energy drinks.

PFA Officers have finally been given the go-ahead to start discarding caffeinated drinks from the markets.

Beverage manufacturers were given a deadline of 31st December 2018 in order to pull the drinks with the word ‘energy’ on its packaging from the shelves and change it.

Reportedly, the PFA was approached by some of the manufacturers to extend the given deadline, however, their plea was refused.

Sales of energy drinks were banned back in April 2018. According to the provincial food regulations, no company is allowed to use the word ‘energy’ on its packaging as it is highly misleading- instead, they should have ‘highly caffeinated drink’ written on them.

PFA has also shared that an excessive dosage of these drinks (1,000mg) can lead to various side effects and can serve to be quite harmful towards children. Some of these symptoms include rapid breathing, nervousness, increased stress levels and more.

In an effort to encourage a healthy lifestyle, the federal government has also been planning to impose “sin tax” on carbonated drinks after cigarettes.

Centre is planning to levy Rs2 per 100 ml bottle of carbonated beverage and Rs.5 to 15 on each packet of cigarettes under the new tax.

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