Comedian Junaid Akram Accused Of Sexual Harassment, Denies Accusations

Junaid Akram is  a Pakistan based comedian and YouTuber, a personiality that everyone loves to hate. According to the social media outburst, Junaid Akram has been accused of sexual harassment.

Media outlets have named him, after Twitter was flooded with cryptic tweets which lead people to guess who the accused is.

Rabia Annum, of Geo News, had initially tweeted a thread about the issue which went viral.

According to sources, Junaid’s name has been on the top of the list. Here’s what is being said on Twitter

Junaid, however, has declined all allegations of harassment against him. And has tried to clarify his name by saying:

“It has been naturally very distressing to see these unfortunate allegations arising, especially in light of the fact that they are utterly untrue. However, I have no control over what people say on the social media. Nonetheless, I am consulting with appropriate professionals as to what legal options I have available to me to protect my name, and rest assured, I will pursue them to the best of my ability until it’s logical conclusion.”



(This is a developing story)