Catch These Absolute Best Independence Day Sales This Year

Independence Day Sales or Azadi Day Sales bring half the fun on 14th August.

Whether it is a way to celebrate or to boost sales, one thing is for sure that the deals are great! Read on below to find out about brands that are offering the best sales this 14th August 2020.

Bonanza Satrangi

Bonanza is a popular choice when it comes to clothing. Shop your favorite items at 50% off in Bonanza’s mega sale.

Azadi sales on 14th August
Image Source: Bonanza


Interwood has promised up to 30% off on selected home and office furniture valid from 7th August to 16th August. Also, you get an additional 5% off if you shop online!

Azadi sales on 14th August
Image Source: Pinterest

Stylo Shoes

The famous footwear brand has put 51% off on selected stock instead of the independence day. The deal will go live on 7th August and will be available online and in stores as well.

Azadi sales on 14th August
Image Source: WhatsOnSale

Nishat Linen

Nishat has put up advertisements that promise an exciting combo of Azadi sales. At Nishat Linen, get 10% off on already 50% off stock, making it a whopping 60%.

Cross Stitch

Cross Stitch has also announced an exciting sale. The brand is offeringa 50% off sale! The sale will be available on limited stock and also will be available online & in stores.

Have any other brands on your list? Let us know in the comments section below.