Battle of the Brands: Careem & Pepsi Come Face to Face on Twitter

Twitter is a fierce place. A place where tweets and subtweets can spread news like fire and situations can get out of hand.

Only recently two big brands got into a brawl and apparently for no significant reason at all. What went down on Twitter was pretty amusing.

What happened was that Careem tried to be nice to a customer and offered them a soda (namely Pepsi) because they did not have any promos to offer. 

Pepsi however did not like their name being mentioned 

The Pepsi brand got a little too serious even after Careem tried to keep the situation light

Even then Careem couldn’t stay away from the banter

Twitteratis of-course took notice of the tweets and jumped the bandwagon

While all is good between the two brands until now, this whole situation served as an amusing episode.

What do you guys think about the banter between the two brands? Let us know in the comments below.