Bank Alfalah Fires Employee For Abusive Behaviour, Yet People Are Boycotting The Bank

Social media has become a global phenomenon that has given a lot of power to the common man to speak up about any and every thing they like or dislike.

Recently, things took a turn for the worse when a Twitter user posted a vile comment on a journalist’s commentary regarding Imran Khan’s latest address to the nation.

Journalist Hasan Zaidi came through with screenshots and tagged the individual’s employers, Bank Alfalah, to bring his inappropriate behavior to notice.

While receiving some backlash when he initially posted the tweets,  Zaidi reinforced how the user has a pattern of such inappropriate behavior, and that this wasn’t a one-off incident.

Soon Bank Alfalah posted an official statement addressing the issue and here’s what they had to say:

The public however disagreed over the course of action taken by Bank Alfalah and the hashtag “#BoycottBankAlfalah” has been trending over Twitter, demanding justice for the man who sent the abusive tweet to be treated “fairly.”

People were quick to dig up Zaidi’s old tweets as well trying to prove his own pattern of abuse over social media.

Later on Zaidi tried to clear his position and shared his intention was not to get the employee fired.

Building and maintaining an online persona does not mean that you abuse and troll freely – there has to be some accountability. However, as Zaidi clarified, he didn’t ask for the man to be fired. Do you think the company’s decision a bit severe?

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