Alkaram Presents TVC for Spring Vol. 1

Lawn Mania for the year 2017 has finally begun and with the new season of the new year, Pakistani local lawn brands are now adopting an entirely different strategy for its commercials. Instead of only focusing on the prints of the outfits, looking flawless and glamorous these commercials are bringing to light some of the underplayed and under-discussed issues of our society.
Only recently,  Alkaram has unveiled its new TVC for Spring Vol. 1 which features the beautiful and talented – Mahira Khan. The TVC for Alkaram is a showcase of Mahira’s resilience and perseverance through her long and hard journey, a story which has now become an inspiration for many.
In their own word, Alkaram has endorsed the same spirit of achievement with its latest TVC which comes with the following message, #BelieveInYou, which encourages women to believe in themselves and outshine themselves.
The TVC by Alkaram shows Mahira Khan making it through her daily routine while facing difficulties and learning to overcome them with courage and strength. The TVC also makes use of a powerful line when Mahira says: “Larkharao Tou Khud Sambhlo”. With this one liner Mahira encourages all women to be confident and strong enough to achieve their dreams by believing in themselves.
All in all, Mahira is a vision in Alkaram’s latest TVC as she dons various beautiful eastern attires and also empowers women with her inspiring story.
Watch the full TVC by clicking on the link below: