Aiman Minal Closet accused of copying Zara Shahjahan designs!

Recently, many blogs have been calling out Aiman Minal Closet for directly plagiarizing designs of the infamous, Zara Shahjahan’s Eid Edit II collection, released on Eid ul Fits 2021. Aiman Minal Closet is a brand jointly owned and launched by the sister actresses, Aiman Khan and Minal Khan. The twins launched their own brand on November 2019, with a collection of western and eastern wear clothing. However, it seems like they have chosen Zara Shahjahan designs as a muse for their current designs.

Blogs on social media have been pointing out the similarities in design, the prints and even the chosen colour schemes to be strikingly similar.

The first claim comes from a red, floral printed shalwar kameez suit with an organza dupatta, which Minal Khan was seen wearing on her own baat pakki. Aiman Minal Closet has its own version of the design, which can be seen below. The design on the left is by Zara Shahjahan and the on the right is AMC’s take on it.

Another piece from the brand also looks strikingly similar. The boldened yellow flowery print from AMC’s latest collection remind of Zara Shahjahan designs. Though the brightness and intensity of colours may differ, the resemblance between the two cannot be ignored.

Fashion bloggers also pointed another article allegedly copied by the twins’ brand. The pictures are seen as under: