Some Common "Lo Jee Lut Gaye" Moments Of Pakistanis.

This has become a common phrase in Pakistan “Lo jee Lut Gaye”. If you’re a Pakistani, You must be dealing with these kind of situations on daily basis, starting from early morning when you wake up at 10 and your official meeting was scheduled at 10:15, going to garage and finding one of your vehicle’s tire punctured….. Abruptly the sentence occur Lo Jee Lut Gaye…..
There are numerous daily events when we feel like we’re getting betrayed or cheated. Here are few of them:
–> Buying a fridge from any apppliance market and paying more than Rs/-5000 just for delivery charges. The feeling of getting advantage from someone’s helplessness is worst. Ugh most annoying thing in the world.
–>When hitting the road towards office and your car betrayes you and tries to find his lover “The mechanic”. All of a sudden mechanic tells you it will take several days and large amount of money will required. Oh God another moment called “Lo Jee Lut Gaye”
–> When you purchase a lawn suit from any nearest market and the Shopkeeper says “Baaji yeh to naya design ha, abhi latest aya ha”, and suddenly you see some other lady wearing the  same dress as shopkeeper sold you…. the perfect moment of Lo Jee Lut Gaye Aaj…..
–> When you order a Pizza and you waited for it like 2 hours. Suddenly with the gust of happiness when you receive pizza from the delivery man & you open it with your hunger at its peak, the Pizza looks like horribly baked. It becomes the worst ever time for anyone…. You spent your money, waited for it too long, still didn’t get what you wanted !!!
–> When you Purchase an Expensive Suit just a week ago and you find it on 50% Sale just a week ahead……..Its a worst feeling one can have. A person immediately starts thinking about all the other stuff he/she could’ve purchased if only they would’ve waited a few more days.
–> It sometimes happen when you order things online. We usually get impressed by the quality of Product’s photography and order things in a hurry, and what we receive in the end makes us mad and grieved.

Are there any other “Lo jee lut gaye” moments that you can think of and have experienced? Share them with us in the comments section below!