Anushka Sharma And Virat Kholi Exchange Wedding Vows in Latest TVC And They Look Adorable!


Actress Anushka Sharma and cricketer Virat Kholi are one of the hottest couple of B-town (Bollywood). The two have been winning hearts ever since they got together but their performance in the latest TVC has taken the internet by storm and made everyone want to root for them even more!

In a latest TVC Anushka and Virat, the two lovebirds can be seen playing a bride and groom at a wedding. The two exchange new-age wedding vows, their loved filled eye contact every thing makes them look super adorable.

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Virat, who pretends to be the groom, remarks that he will cook for fifteen days in a month to which Ansuhka who is playing the bride, agrees by saying she will eat it without complaining about its taste. The other vow comes from the bubbly girl of Bollywood. Anushka Sharma says she will keep all his secrets password protected and in turn the ace cricketer says he will never dare to change Anushka and will accept her as she is.

Wait, there is more to this ad! Anushka says she will allow Virat to win in a carrom game but only sometimes. Virat promises he will never watch the season finale of any television series without her. This one leaves Anushka and even us impressed! The sportsperson also commits to staying fit forever only for her but with loads of love in her eyes, Anushka replies, “Nahi bhi karoge toh chalega (even if you won’t, it will not bother me).” Then, very innocently Anushka requests Virat not to call her all those lovey-dovey names which couples give to each other like baby, Shona, cutie etc.

The duo took the vows in the TVC of a clothing brand of which the cricketer has been a brand ambassador and Ansuhka has joined him only recently.

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