VERNA’s Trailer is Finally Out And Here’s What the Internet Has to Say About it…


Verna is an upcoming Pakistani social-drama film, directed, written and produce by Shoaib Mansoor under his company ShoMan Productions.

When talking about the theme of the movie and as be-known to all, Shoaib Mansoor has always addressed topics that are considered taboo and makes an effort to highlight societal issues in his films. Likewise, in Verna, the veteran director plans to showcase a story on-screen with an eye-opening message.

After the release of its first official poster and song, the production house has finally released the trailer for Verna!

Here’s where you can watch the full trailer 


The film definitely involves a lot of mystery, drama, thrill and suspense. What we have learned from the trailer is as follows; the female protagonist Sarah has been let down by two men in her life, her husband (Haroon Shahid) and a political acquaintance of hers (Zarrar Khan) and she seems to have revenge on her mind. Rasheed Naz’s dialogue in the end ‘DNA match kara tou kya kareyge?’ (What do we do if the DNA matches?) also confirms that a rape does occur in the film.

Here’s how Pakistani celebrities have been responding 



Some love from across the border as well


And here’s what the fans have to say 



































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































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