Fahad Hussayn Showcased His Collection in PFDC Bridal Week 2017

Tuesday 17thAugust 2017: The renowned designer Fahad Hussayn showcased his collection Dara Shikoh Aur Sunehri Churail at the PFDC Bridal Week this year along with a grand performance done by none other than Ali Sethi In Collaboration with his team.

Prince Dara Shikoh, friend of poets and dervishes, was supposed to be the emperor of Mughal India. At least that’s how his ailing father — and many of the leading lights of his time — wished it to be. But history had other plans, and would enthrone his younger brother Aurangzeb, a ruthless military strategist and religious fundamentalist.

For Fahad Hussayn’s ‘Dara Shikoh Aur Sunehri Churayl’, Ali Sethi has collaborated with producer Saad Sultan and fellow vocalists Zeb Bangash and Umair Ahmed to recreate a traditional Sufi ‘qaseeda’ or paean that celebrates the devotional culture of South Asia: mendicants praying to patron saints, mothers praying for children, righteous kings praying for victory. A tribute to the spirit of Dara Shikoh and its eternal triumph over darkness.’

The combination of the clothes portrayed along with this traditional Sufi ‘qaseeda’ illustrated the beautiful ceremonial ethnicity of South Asia. Further the collection featured exquisite couture creations that included signature bespoke menswear in a wide range followed by befitting range of shoes, belts and bridal clutches. The most interesting part of the collection was its linkage to magical realism where historical figures meet folklore in a fantastically penned saga of larger than life Mughal grandeur.

The collection encompasses the use of intricate silk thread embroideries, interlaced with delicate hand work of exquisite craftsmanship on custom nets, organza, tissue, chiffon and other exclusive surfaces, alongside in-house hand painted and vintage revival prints.  This combination of the melodious paean and the glorious collection will leave you enchanted altogether.





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