Young Pakistani Girl Has Started A Viral Campaign To Promote Desi Artists And We Are In Awe!


If there’s one thing to be sure about Pakistanis, it is that we do not lack talent of any kind. And when it comes to the country’s artists, Pakistan has got amazing and most talented ones.

And now, thanks to the social media, the work of these talented Pakistani artists is making headway and is allowing people around the world to appreciate their work.

Desi artists are being celebrated on Twitter under the hashtag, #SouthAsianArtists.

We suggest that you definitely look at how brilliant all the artwork is.

The trend started from this single tweet


The young Twitter user also shared her own pieces of art 

And just as this tweet started catching on fire, the pictures started flowing in.

Check out the amazing and brilliant pieces of art by our very own and fellow country men/women

And this was just a sneak peak of what Pakistani’s have to offer.

The rest of the world also joined the Twitter trend, shared their exquisite pieces of art and portrayed their own cultures and identities through them.


Let us know in the comment section below, what you think about the trend and the brilliant art that has come to surface as a result of it.


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