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WAVES New Campaign ! Is This A New Brand War In Home Appliances ?


Just …. Just few days ago, we have seen the brand which is reborn in home appliances industry, unleashed their first TVC featuring Fahad Mustafa. The Ad is going viral on Social Media, It has many reasons to go viral. As we all know the charismatic personality of Fahad Mustafa, who is much popular and most liked personality specially in youngsters and females.

The brand which was down and under from so many years, The brand which we can associate with our childhood, The brand which used to be on top some decades ago, was nowhere since last many years. It was not even in the top list of buyers who used to buy Home Appliances. It was sad, Indeed, to see such a brand vanishing from the market.

But we have seen WAVES coming back, reborn by their new management. The old Managment has left and the New management has taken over thus creating a Change in communication of Waves. The positioning of this brand was on lower SECs, For the first time waves had talked to the customers of B+, A and A+ which is commendable.

To continue talking about the latest sensation i.e. The  Advertisement by WAVES featuring Fahad Mustafa which is all over Pakistan.


The noticeable thing in the Ad that how Fahad Mustafa targets the competitors of Waves while he walks after talking to her wife to buy a new refrigerator.

We have seen Sales person selling refrigerators by telling him different taglines i.e. “Sir yeh Reliable ha – Dawlence”. “Sab se zayada Inspiring – Haier”, “Pehli Chahat wala fridge – Orient”.

The most funny and interesting one was “SSssaaabbb Sssee Thhhaannnda fffridgee – PEL, the famous Shahrukh Khan’s mimicry Ad produced by PEL in recent times.

This is the thing which we have seen the very first time in Home Appliances category, targeting the competitors UPFRONT !!! Its a very BOLD step by  WAVES in Pakistan Advertising Industry, Previously we have seen famous COKE Vs PEPSI wars, TAPAL Vs LIPTON Wars  and many more. This is the very first time we have seen Home Appliances category going to target the other with a bold step.

There is no doubt, Waves has achieved what they wanted through this AD, i.e. It is the talk of the town from the start of the launch. But there are few questions which arises….

“Is this the new trend setting by Waves in Home Appliances Advertising” ?

“Would the other competitors will come up with the answers or replies by targeting Waves in their new Advertising campaigns?, like the Coke/Pepsi, Tapal/Lipton had done it in the Past.”

Whether they’ll come up with the campaigns to target WAVES or not, We have seen some brilliant work from Waves Brand and Marketing team, which shook the competitors with a sudden brilliance.  By a Positive and comprehensive ending where Fahad Mustafa says “Achay Fridge me yeh sab qualities to honi chayein”, indirectly appreciates competitor, but telling the consumers to have all those qualities in one brand i.e. WAVES

WAVES has definitely brought life into Home Appliances advertisement style which was going into a traditional style since long.

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  1. i dont think so the competition will reply soon. It is not just the advertising that sells, there are many other factors specially when you are dealing with home appliances dealer. None of the other brands consider waves as competition because waves was popular in DeepFreezer category.
    I suggest that competition should not reply immediately,

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