Pakistani Actress Komal Aziz Khan Is Taking A Stand Against The Wadera Culture!


Only recently, Pakistani actress, Komal Aziz Khan gave an interview that had spread like wildfire over the mainstream media channels.

The actress claimed that her landlord had tried to extort money out of her and even resorted to violence against her uncle and sister when she had taken a stand against him and turned down.
Her video, in which Komal speaks up about her issue has circulated to all corners of social media as well as other media channels.

For those readers who don’t know, Komal is a Pakistani actress who has starred in several TV serials such as Ishq-Benaam, Saheliyaan and Bekhudi. Through her hard work and talent, Komal has been slowly and gradually climbing the ladder of fame and success.

However, in her interview with Samaa TV, Komal had spoken up about the prevalent corruption and violence in Pakistani society and how she has been entrapped in its clutches too.

Watch the interview here 


The internet had a lot to say about Komal’s predicament; some understood and supported her, others were not ver supportive and even questioned her decision to come back to Pakistan.

Komal, however, has spoken up again and that too, in a public Facebook post. She can be seen addressing the issue once again. She has provided more details and has also included any necessary evidence to support her claims.

A snapshot of Komal’s Post


Click here, to view the full post 

This is how people have come out to support Komal in her difficult time




We, too, sincerely hope that the issue is resolved soon and Komal gets the justice she seeks.



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