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VITAL TEA Targets COKE? “Apni Tehzeeb Ki Hifazat Karo” Campaign


It all started from Coke’s campaign “Zalima Chai Nahi Coca Cola Pila day”. The most fierce brand war of 2017 is happening yet again. Coke has new competition in the market. Chai VS Coke; a war started by Coke at the end of last year 2016, has got the response from one of the Tea manufacturers VITAL TEA,  Vital Chai just recently made a comeback video for Coke’s ‘Zaalima Coca Cola Pila De’ video that went viral when Coke Studio’s new season was releasing last year. Vital Chai decided to hit them with a comeback video with ‘Apni tahzeeb ki hifazat kro’ as their tagline.

Targeting the tea market has sparked critical debate over social media while tea brands are also coming up with strategies to counter coke’s campaign.

Vital Tea new advertisement clearly shows  the cultural and moral changes happening with time where it targets the black cold drink brands when replaced with chai, it is against the cultural and moral values of Pakistan.

Something tells us this isn’t the end of the brand wars because it seems people are enjoying these humorous brand takes on each other and besides it has also united chai lovers and coke lovers together to defend their favorite beverage.

Let’s see if Coke or other black drinks has anything to offer in return. Either way fun for us!


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