Actress Ushna Shah Boldly Shows How to Deal With Your Creepy Stalkers


Actress Ushna Shah is known for her bold personality and has never been the one to shy away from speaking her mind. Ushna who currently stars in the renowned drama Alif Allah Aur Insaan took a bold step and shared her traumatizing experience in a Facebook group.

Ushna talked about a late night tussles with a man who had followed her car for at least thirty minutes. Female harassment is not uncommon in Pakistan. Many have appreciated the actress for bringing up her issue to notice and confronting the guy herself.


Ushna described that she was in DHA, Lahore when she noticed a black Corolla chasing her tail

The actress stated that the car kept pulling up next to her and urging her to pull over as well.

She also uploaded a picture of the guy 


Ushna shared that the car followed her for at least thirty minutes, and this is what made Ushna pull over forcibly and confront the driver who had been harassing her.

Ushna stopped and asked the driver why he was following her. She also warned him that the Internet was watching him. But the man said that he only wanted her number.

The actress has shared that she is “sick of feeling so uncomfortable driving in [her] own city” and has urged the members of the private Facebook group to spread awareness regarding female harassment.

We, too, commend Ushna for her bold move.


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