Ali Zafar Just Made A 7-Year-Old Fan’s Day And We Think It’s Adorable!


Ali Zafar is one of those wonderful Pakistani stars who knows how to make his fans feel special. Whether he does it through engaging with his followers on Twitter or by writing amazing poetry.

So here’s what happened, and here’s how Ali Zafar just won our hearts too with sweet reaction.

This is Ibrahim Rehman, a 7-year-old kid from Rawalpindi, Pakistan

Ibrahim is a talented young boy with a passion for music. He studies in grade 1 and enjoys classical music.


Only a few days ago, Ibrahim’s father Taimur Rehman posted a video online with a special request. The video is attached below.


At the end of the video, Ibrahim invited Ali to his house for a hangout.

Ibrahim’s father also thanked Ali for inspiring his son and others with his music and shared this video on Facebook.

What’s more is that the video made its way to Ali Zafar and he responded!




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