Maria B Faces Intense Backlash Over Their ‘Muharram’ Collection.

Clothing brands, that have established a strong image during the recent years in particular, find themselves in hot waters as they face immense reaction on social media from the public due to their launch of black clothes just before Muharram.Well, brands have been doing that for a while now. Especially in last couple of years, many reputed brands come out with collections under the names Monochrome, Black and White Collection and Pre-Fall Collection, that basically comprises of pret wear in black color. These collections are launched after Eid ul Azha, and before Muharram, that make it evident that they target a specific community who wear black during this particular month as their potential clients.

The entire issue sparked as allegedly a reputed designer of the country Maria B. came out with a collection of black clothes naming it as ‘Muharram Collection‘, including Kurtis and Gharara Pants. Not only Maria herself faced brutal reaction, but in context with the event, people started noticing the coincidence between the launch of these collections and arrival of Muharram.
Twitter and Facebook burst against Maria B for its “selling Muharram” act of introducing Muhrram Special dresses.


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  1. I think there is nothing bad in launching a special series for Muharram. We all respect Muharram and the market produces things which are demands of customers. Like Maria B. , Audionic also brought Majlis Speaker Series which are specially designed with loud voice and extra bass and suitable for Majlis. These speakers are highly recommended for Majlis not only for Muharram but for any big gatherings, same like Maria B. clothing who introduced black color clothes which is all time favourite color but Muharram is the month when it is demanding more. I dont know whats bad in it?

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