Geo Tv’s ‘Malkin’ showcases a story of personal interests and selfish desires !

We have seen Malkin’s trailers going around Geo Tv which features the versatile Maria Wasti and Alyy Khan in the lead roles. Here’s more about the story and the cast of the drama.

The drama showcases Maria in the role of a dancer Gulnaaz , with all those kohl eyes and accesories along Maria just has us hooked to her character already ! With Maria being the Dancer, Alyy Khan marries her and takes her to his house, as he belongs to a very reputable family her mother played by Samina Ahmed refuses to accept Gulnaaz as her daughter in law , but she asks for a chance to win their hearts. The story further progresses along how she tried getting into the family and what tricks she plays .


The announcement of the drama serial was recently made in a press meet with the cast of Malkin, while talking about her character Maria stated that :

‘ Initially I rejected the script because I thought that it was very basic and anyone could do this, Later Wajahat – the director explained me how every episode is synced and how the drama will progress, what made me say yes was the interest, involvement and dedication of the directors and other cast members. The story and my character is from within our society and these are one of those people who are always rejected and questioned by our society.’

Aijaz Aslam the producer of this drama also shared a few things with the media :

‘We have made this drama and the character relatable to the audience, it’s a story from the society itself, we have worked really hard on the character and you will see a contrast of 2 generations and senior and young artists working together.’

Director Wajahat added to this saying :

‘How the story travels that’s what you have to watch out for, it doesn’t stops anywhere. There are very few scripts in which you can work and learn from the senior actors as well, this is one of those. We have worked in the depth of the layers of characters and you’ll see that in just a few episodes.’


Syed Wajahat Hussain will helm the project as a director , penned down by Sarwat Nazir and produced by Aijaz Aslam the cast also includes Samina Ahmed, Natasha Ali, Taifoor Khan,Azra Mansoor, Adnan Shah Tipu, Umar Naru, Minal Khan , Areesha Razi Khan, Mubassira Khan and Azika Daniel.

All set to go on air from 25th September every Monday at 8 PM, the drama showcases the theme of selfishness greediness and insensitivity towards the other individuals. It will show how a women can destroy a happy family for her own personal interest and desires.



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