Ranbir Kapoor Speaks Up About His Picture With Mahira Khan


Only yesterday, a picture of our Pakistani actress Mahira Khan with Ranbir Kapoor from across the border had taken over the internet by storm.

According to a few sources, it is said that Mahira Khan and Ranbir are in NewYork, USA, shooting for an upcoming film. In the picture, Mahira was seen wearing a short, backless white dress in Ranbir’s company where the two were seen smoking cigarettes on the street.

Little did they know that they would get captured and go viral on social media. And like always, the internet troll couldn’t refrain from all the hate and bombarded them with rude comments.

The picture that caught everybody’s attention

After the internet went into a frenzy, many many stars as well as the general people came out to defend the actress with sensible and reasonable statements.

Today, Ranbir Kapoor also came out in support of Mahira Khan and called out on all the trolls and character bashing ‘unfair’

In an official statement, Ranbir says that he’s gotten to know Mahira really well on a personal level. She is someone he admires professionally but also for the type of person she is.

Here’s what Ranbir had to say


While it has been disheartening to see how quick some people were to judge Mahira Khan for this one single picture, it has been a sight to behold for how people have also come out in her favour and support.


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