Mahira Khan’s Pictures With Ranbir Kapoor Set the Internet On Fire


Pakistan’s unofficial sweetheart Mahira Khan has been in the news lately and not for the right reasons.

Apparently Mahira Khan and Ranbir Kapoor were seen together in a ceremony that took place in Dubai. Some people speculated that the two were dating and still are. Which according to the two stars is a baseless rumor. However, a few pictures of the duo took a toll on the internet and went viral setting it on fire!

According to a few sources, it is said that Mahira Khan and Ranbir are in NewYork, USA, shooting for an upcoming film. In the picture, Mahira was seen wearing a short, backless white dress in Ranbir’s company where the two were seen smoking cigarettes on the street.

Little did they know that they would get captured and go viral on social media. And like always, the internet troll couldn’t refrain from all the hate and bombarded them with rude comments.

Here’s the picture that has caught everyone’s attention


Many people have jumped the moral brigade and are after Mahira Khan, commenting upon her choice of dress and the fact that she is seen holding a cigarette.

Fatwas are being given

Some are also looking on with a lot of envy

But it’s also good to know that there are a bunch of reasonable human beings who are out to support and defend the actress 



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