This Urdu Film Has Made It to England’s Official Submission To The Oscars


Great things are happening in the Pakistani entertainment industry and especially in the film industry.

Pakistani cinema is slowly and gradually marking its steps into the world, and now a Pakistani film has been chosen as Britain’s official submission for the foreign-language category at the 90th Academy Awards. ‘My Pure Land’ which is directed by British Pakistani filmmaker Sarmad Masud, has been chosen as the first Urdu language film as Britain’s selection for the Oscars and marks a first for Pakistani cinema.

About the story, the film finds two feisty young teenage girls and their mother fighting off a bandit army, led by the girls’ uncle, determined to take the women’s home by force. 

According to International critics the film is a ‘feminist western’ with women in lead roles who strive for vengeance. The film is based on the true story of Nazo Dharejo, who grew up in a rural area of Sindh with her two sisters and elder brother. Her father, Khuda Buksh was a farmer while her mother Waderi Jamzadi raised her children.


Nazo, the eldest daughter was given the nickname ‘Mukhtiar,’ and was the first one to be taught how to work a gun by her father.

‘My Pure Land’ was shot entirely in Pakistan and stars Suhaee Abro, Salman Ahmed Khan, Razia Malik, Tayyab Ifzal and Eman Fatima. The film also vows to uphold a feminist undertone amidst realism. The 90th Academy Awards will take place on 4 March 2018.

You can watch the full trailer below


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