First Track for Pakistani Horror Film ‘Pari’ Released


An upcoming Pakistani horror film Pari has released its first track and suffice it to say that it did not disappoint us.

Pari has been directed by Syed Atif Ali, who also co-wrote the script with Muhammad Ahsan.

The film has been shot in Ayubia, in a house that even the cast and crew have said to found haunted and disturbing. The movie features a multidimensional cast, from veterans like Qavi Khan, Salem Miraj to child star Khushi Maheen.

What is more, is that it is going to be first of its kind to introduce a serious horror character into mainstream cinema in Pakistan.

You can watch the full trailer here

The movie’s first track, which has been titled as Khaki Badan has finally been released. The song is a soulful Sufi number that has been sung by Wajeeh Uddin Meer while the music is composed by Masood Alam.

The song, along with the picturization of the scenes sit well with the overall theme and has managed to touch the right chords. We, for sure, suggest that our readers give Khaki Badan a listen!

Listen to the full song here


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