Lipton’s Latest TVC Raises Awareness About Education for Children


Only recently, Lipton (a renowned Pakistani tea company) has released its latest TVC and called Pakistani citizens to action by raising awareness about child education.

About the story

The mini TVC opens up with an image of a young boy cleaning tables at a dhabba (a street side foodstall). As the short narration is played in the background, the boy washes dishes, and is shown innocently working at the dhabba.

In another scene he picks up a piece of paper but the owner calls him over, takes it from him, opens it and then throws it away. Another guy who is sipping his morning tea in the balcony of his apartment, observes the scene and walks over to find out that the paper had alphabets for Urdu written on it which was taken away from the young boy (which is also otherwise a strong metaphor for a chance of education being taken away from many young boys and girls all over the country). The young boy is, however, given a chance for a change is asked ‘school jao gay’ (will you go to school?). A big bright smile appears on the child’s face, who agrees and is then is shown going to school.

Our say

The concept of the latest TVC by Lipton is not only positive but also fresh. Previously, a number of TVCs launched by different companies like Gul Ahmed have made efforts to put forward positive TVCs which bring attention to and throws light upon prevalent social issues in Pakistan.

We believe it is a good effort on part of Lipton and hope that other companies may follow suit and work towards bringing a positive change in Pakistan.

You can watch the full TVC here

Lipton has partnered with The Citizens Foundation to provide free education to students from 10 Schools all across Pakistan. If you want change the life of a Chotu give a missed call to 0301-LIPTON-0(5478660) or log onto



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