‘Saat Din Mohabbat In’ Update: Amna Ilyas Wishes to Promote Gender Equality


Saat Din Mohabbat In is an upcoming Pakistani romantic drama film directed by Meenu-Farjad, produced by Dawn Films and IMGC Global Entertainment and written by Fasih Bari Khan.

The upcoming film  is another one of the most anticipated upcoming Pakistani film for several reasons. For one, the film is to showcase a number of stars from the Pakistani film industry, including Mahira Khan and Sheheryar Munawar in lead roles. What is more, is that Mira Sethi will also be see on the big screen and make her film debut and will also feature model turned actor Aamna Illyas.

Amna Ilyas, for one, has high hopes from her character in upcoming romcom Saat Din Mohabbat In.

While in conversation with a private media channel Amna said:

“My character in the film is of a girl who is not really fond of men. She’s been hurt in past relationships, so she doesn’t believe in love.”

“You can also call this girl a feminist, not because she hates men because feminism isn’t that. But because she believes in equality between men and women.”

“In the film, there is this little scenario [in which] she shows her opposition towards forced marriage.” She added.

Amna’s main reason for saying yes to her role in Saat Din Mohabbat In, however, was:

“to send out a message that women are equal to men in a light, engaging manner,” through her character.

Amna explained that she also easily slipped into her role. “It was easy for me to get into character because there’s a little bit of a feminist in me.”

And so far she says that she has enjoyed the shoot.

The film is slated to release in 2018


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