Maryam Khaleeq – An Outstanding Student. Read What happened to Her ?

An 18 years old LGS-JT A-levels student passed away due to constant study pressure and disencouragement from her teachers and instructors.
(As claimed by her mother in the video, link is in the comment section below)

She had a heart attack at such young age due to stress, anxiety and panic attacks.
Later, she scored A+ in the very same subjects which her teachers claimed she won’t be able to study and even refused to send her admission from the school because she had to take some days off due to illness.
She decided to take her exams privately and performed really well in all of them. Her result came after her demise.
She was the only daughter of her parents.

May her soul rests in peace.


Her mother’s interview’s link is posted in the comment section below. Please watch it.

This girl’s mother’s interview is in the same episode. Please watch it. Thank you!

Every story has two sides and this is one side of the story as described by her mother which might not be complete and the sole reason of her demise. There might be other reasons too.
However, whatever the reasons were we all should just pray for her now instead of fighting that this video has an incomplete explanation or it is just 75-80% true and there were other things too which are not mentioned here etc, etc.
Just pray for her guys!
Nothing else is gonna make her feel better now.


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