‘Mujhay Jeenay Doh’ to Tackle Issue of Child Marriages


Upcoming drama serial Mujhay Jeenay Doh by Urdu1 is going to tackle the issue of child marriages and will be aired on television soon.

The play is written by Shahid Nizami and is directed by Angeline Malik.

At a press conference on Thursday, the drama’s playwright Shahid Nizamani had explained the importance of addressing social issues in Pakistan through local dramas.

“We have many serials talking about different taboos, but that doesn’t mean our job is done. We don’t want to just raise awareness from these serials but want to impact people enough to make a change. The more we keep talking about these issues, the more society will take actions to improve. Our attempt is Mujhay Jeenay Doh.”

He also added that:

“With Mujhay Jeenay Doh, we want to point out how our society gets lost in customs and traditions, to the point that many such bad customs are normalised and no one dare speak against it. Wrong traditions can give way to many troubles, and this story is one such instance.”

Additionally, the drama serial will feature some talented and renowned artists which will include Hania Amir as well as Gohar Rasheed. The serial will also star Sarmad Khoosat, Nadia Jamil, Mehreen Raheel and Ali Tahir among others.

Watch the teaser here


Mujhay Jeenay Doh will air on September 11 on Urdu1.


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