You Need To Know This about the #First1000Days of Your Baby’s Life

Nothing is more beautiful in this world than the love of Mother and a child. The kid starts the life in mother’s lap, while crying, joins school and goes to school while crying. The love, affection and care by a mother to her child is in-explainable.

Raising a child is the most salient duty in a mother’s life

Picturing the #First1000Days; the stages of pregnancy, newborn, weaning food, toddler and preschooler are the most important. It’s the stage where a mother connects to her child on a broader level. Motherhood is a journey of a lifetime and the first thousand days are the most beautiful. A woman requires understanding the needs of her baby and keep up the pace of her well-being as well.

For the #First1000Days, every mother intends to lay outstanding efforts, bit by bit, in the upbringing of her child. There are still certain areas where she needs to be extremely cautious and take careful decisions about the nourishment of her child. With that being said, she requires a dedicated plan and guidance for raising her child in the best way.


We learned that from pregnancy to giving birth and to a tender age, nutrition is the area where a woman needs to remain concerned not only about her child but herself as well. A balanced diet containing all primary nutrients is key. Every woman has a chance to learn about the right nutrition for the #First1000Days which makes all the difference. Not to forget, the stages of a thousand days require nutrition relevant to the child’s age.

Meanwhile, Ali Hamza and Muniba Mazari joined us on an evening of fun, laughter and spreading the monumental knowledge with Nestlé!

Both are parents of their children. Both are commendable in their respective roles and we have a lot to learn from their experience raising their children. Ali Hamza and Muniba Mazari became a part of an initiative to grow awareness about the #First1000Days. Besides, Seemi Raheel and Khalid Malik also joined the evening in Lahore.


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