Do you know what #URDUChallenge is all about ? Kashmir Cooking Oil Takes the Lead.

Brand Voice: There is something, Which we all Pakistanis should have been doing since long, but unfortunately, We have ignored this part, Thanks to Team Kashmir which took this initiative to spread the importance of our own Language….. Yess….. URDU Language !!!!

Team Kashmir took an Interesting idea to realise people how unintentionally they are ignoring their mother language in their daily discussions. Team Kashmir Cooking Oil and Banaspati created Videos to further stamp the ignorance which we are making in our daily routines.

We seem to be losing touch with our National Language with the prevalence of the mindset that one is illiterate and backward if they speak in Urdu and is well educated if they can speak English. This misperception of this correlation between Urdu and Intelligence has led to the depreciation of our sweet language.


Kashmir Cooking Oil & Banaspati, a heritage brand, wanted to see if this was indeed true, and if so what could they do to bring Urdu back. Their initial research at the major bookstores in Pakistan revealed that most did not have much of an Urdu books collection, where the bookshop employees stated that people mostly just ask for English books so hence they don’t really carry Urdu books.


Kashmir then created a series of #UrduChallenge videos, in which they went out and asked people to have a conversation in only Urdu (not using any English words), to count to 100 in Urdu and to recite the Urdu Alphabet. EVERYONE failed. It seemed that people had lost interest in Urdu and didn’t consider it cool.

So Kashmir Cooking Oil &Banaspati used something almost as ancient as Urdu but something that is still considered cool and used it to bring an interest back in our National Language. Jalebi!


They created a connect between a local sweet dessert, Jalebi, and our sweet language, Urdu. Using the words of Amir Khusro, the person regarded as the first Urdu poet, they recreated the words of his poem in the from of Jalebis so people could literally consume the sweetness of Urdu. The project was aptly named: #UrduPoeatry. This proved to be quite difficult as the letters in most words in the Urdu Language are not joint together, whereas making a Jalebi is only possible when it is all joined together as one form. So a special Urdu Jalebi font was created that joined the letters of the words whilst still be legible, even when fried.

The activity was done at the most meaningful places possible where it would have the biggest impact. At the Karachi Literature Festival in London and outside local bookstores where an immediate revival of Urdu was seen to take shape.

To further help the cause it was noticed that people, both young and old, were all able to easily recite the English Alphabet but had great difficulty in remembering the Urdu Alphabet. The difference was that the Alphabet song which existed for the English Alphabet but there wasn’t an Urdu Alphabet song which aided in memory. Kashmir Cooking Oil &Banaspati created the first ever Urdu Alphabet song based on research. They went through multiple iterations of various song versions, each tested meticulously with kids to check their efficacy in aiding them to remember the Urdu Alphabet. A fun animated video was created for the song and was released online, with the song available for everyone to download for free. A first step in reviving our Sweet National Language, Urdu.


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